What is Barbarian Fitness?

Barbarian strength and mobility is a way of exercising and staying in shape using tools and techniques from old time strongmen, wrestlers and warriors.

With tools like the kettlebell, club and mace along with techniques that train both strength and skill, I aim to help people create and maintain a fit and healthy body.

By focusing on the execution of movement rather than simply trying to reach exhaustion and burn as many calories as possible I hope to show that staying in shape does not have to mean killing yourself in the gym. Where most exercise classes are about feeling the burn and trying to keep up with the instructor, instead I focus on teaching and building upon correct technique to bring functional strength and mobility.

By functional strength and mobility I don’t mean being able to squat 200 kilos or get your legs behind your head, but instead things like being able to carry a moderately heavy box and then lift it to an overhead shelf without any shoulder or back pain.

Since the focus is mostly on creating stability and range of motion in and around the joints Barbarian style training can be both preventative and help rehabilitate certain types of injuries.

So if you’re tired of working to exhaustion and want to try something different or you’d like to improve your mobility and potentially heal or prevent joint injuries, come along to a class and find out what it’s like to train like an ancient warriors.

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