I hold Barbarian Fitness classes at Phoenix Martial Arts Academy in Barnoldswick on Wednesdays at 6pm. Classes cost £4 but everyone’s first time is free so you’ve nothing to lose if you just want to try it out.

The aim of Barbarian Fitness classes is to improve overall strength and mobility through the use of Clubs, Kettlebells and Mace as well as some bodyweight exercises.

Each class begins with general warm up and priming, usually a light jog to increase heart rate and body temperature followed by some bodyweight exercises to prime the hips and core. After the lower half of the body is primed we then move to the arms and shoulders with some basic club swinging to open up the shoulder joints.

Once we’ve finished priming we then move onto the next section of the class, skills practice. This is the part of the class dedicated to practicing the more complicated lifts like kettlebell swings and snatches, the turkish get up, mace 360’s and 10-2’s as well as club swipes and mills. These types of exercises can take some time to master and this section of the class focuses on learning how to perform them safely and is not about working out.

After spending some time practicing the more technical exercises it’s time to get in an actual workout. This consists of a couple of simpler exercises that are easuer to pick up usually liked together into a flow or conplex. I try to keep these as simple as possible for people just starting out then as a student begins to master the more skillful exercises like kettlebell snatches and mace 360’s I start throwing these into the mix.

At the end of the class after all the hard work is done we finish with the cooldown consisting of some static stretching and ending with five deep diaphragmatic breaths to stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and begin the process of repair and recovery.

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