How I got into Kettlebells

The kettlebell is pretty much just another lump of metal like most strength training equipment. So what is it about them that makes me think they’re so great?

I’ve done some kind of strength training off and on since my teens, starting off doing mostly bodyweight in my early teens when I trained as a gymnast then as I got older moved to more bodybuilder type training with barbells, dumbbells and machines.
These helped build a great foundation of strength but along the way I picked up a few injuries from not knowing what I was doing at first or following bad advice from magazines. This along with life getting in the way lead to me neglecting my training.

After a couple of years of neglecting my body and decided to get back into training. But I didn’t want to waste money on a gym membership just yet and after hearing Joe Rogan mention how much he loved training with Kettlebells on his podcast so much I thought I’d pick one up and see what the fuss was about.
I wasn’t sure what to do with it at first. I knew you were supposed to swing it but that just felt weird and trying to use it like it was a dumbbell also just didn’t feel right.
But rather than just leave it at that I bought a book on Amazon to teach myself how to use this thing.

The book I bought was simply called Kettlebell Training by Steve Cotter. This helped a lot with understanding how to use a kettlebell properly and I highly recommend it. Another great book is Enter the Kettlebell by Patel Tsatouline, I haven’t actually read the book but I have watched the accompanying video on YouTube which I also recommend you check out.

Using both these resources I taught myself the proper form for the basic lifts like the Swing and the Clean as well as more advanced lifts like the Snatch and the Turkish Get Up and ever since then I’ve been training mostly with Kettlebells…

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